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2017-03-03 | Shanghai

Brexit A to Z: What happens next?

In a vivid panel discussion moderated by Mick Adams, Vice President of the European Chamber and Chairman of the Shanghai Board of the European Chamber, Mr. David Mardle, Partner in London & Cambridge, Dr. Klaus Grossmann, Partner in Düsseldorf , Taylor Wessing and Mr. Richard Bell, Partner, Clyde & Co talked over the consequences and opportunities for Britain, the EU and also for China.

When leaving, Britain faces several payments to the EU such as loans due to the financial crisis. The terms of payment are not clear yet. Also negotiations about tariffs and customs are ahead.

Trade deals with other countries may be easier to win and Britain could get advantages other countries would like to have as well because of independence. Even more increasing nationalism in the EU could be the consequence.

Banks will move because otherwise they might cannot serve their EU clients. And also regulations for foreign passport holders are uncertain which could cause a move of employees.

Law firms are definitely the winners in these times of change and falling asset prices can be an attractive opportunity for Chinese investors. 


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