Survey: The Social and Economic Impact of Private Equity in China (2012)


This survey documents the role that private equity investment plays in the growth of Chinese companies and how it contributes to China's long-term economic and development goals. The 2012 survey follows the success of our 2009 survey.

Discover in-depth discussion of PE's significant social impact on China, including:

  • PE-backed firms pay higher salaries and increase R&D investments to incubate growth, even as global economic uncertainty continues.
  • Environmental protection grows slowly for both listed and PE-backed firms.
  • PE firms encourage investments in China's underdeveloped provinces in western and central China, as well as Tier-3 cities.

The survey also details PE's notable economic impact in China, including:

  • PE-back firms generate higher profits and growth, portions of which can be traced to the support that PE investors provide smaller companies.
  • Valued PE advisers improve governance, generate higher tax payments and spur growth.
  • PE-financed firms continue to support the expansion of China's domestic consumer goods industry.

This survey was made possible with contributions from members of the Private Equity and Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions Working Group, in partnership with Bain & Company. European Chamber members are knowledge leaders in their areas of industry, and are the chief contributors to the Chamber's influential publications.

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