Nanjing Chapter

The Nanjing Chapter was established in April 2004 and currently has around 100 members based in Nanjing, Changzhou, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Zhenjiang. The chapter is devoted to helping its members address their concerns to the local authorities at both senior and working levels through various meetings and events. These have included annual conference at provincial and city levels, and some regularly meetings or seminars in the fields of Human Resources, Sourcing and Finance & Taxation. The goals of these meetings are to establish an ongoing information exchange between government and industry to facilitate the business operations and also to contribute to the further development of Nanjing as an investment destination. The Nanjing chapter also strive to promote action beyond immediate business interests, and is proud to hold events such as Green & Clean Forum and the CSR Awards.

Nanjing Office

13A07, No.99 Zhongshan Road, Nanjing 210008, P.R. China

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