Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board represents the European Business communities based in China and consists of one representative per member state (the National Representative). As a college of national representatives they elect three representatives amongst themselves to serve as States’ Representatives on the European Chamber’s Executive Committee.

Supervisory Board 2019

Austria, Susanne Zhang-Pongratz

Belgium, Antoine Bruneel

Bulgaria, Anton Dontchev

Croatia, Dražen Holmik

Cyprus, Frixos Frangos

Czech Republic, Lumir Meloun

Denmark, Jens Eskelund

Finland, Juha Tuominen

France, Bruno Weill

Germany, Matthias Goebel

Greece, Konstantinos Liakos

Hungary, Tibor Stahl

Ireland, Ciarán Lally

Italy, Sara Marchetta

Latvia, Ingus Rozenblats

Lithuania, Ausra Karlone

Luxembourg, Rayson Gong

Netherlands, Tom Hoogendijk

Poland, Boguslaw Wolkowicz

Portugal, Joao Manuel Marquez de Cruz

Slovakia, Tomas Murgas

Sweden, Joakim Hedhill

UK, Nicolas Holt

A European Union member state is any one of the 28 countries that have joined the European Union (EU) since its inception in 1958.