Election Commissions

The National and Local Election Commissions were created by European Chamber’s Executive Committee (Exco)  to support the implementation of the European Chamber’s Exco and local chapter elections.

As stated in the European Chamber’s updated By-Laws, the purpose of the Election Commissions are to: 

  • Promote a strong and diversified European Union business identity at the Board level (ExCo and liaison office boards); 
  • Improve consistency, transparency, and efficiency of the EUCCC ExCo and liaison office boards election processes; and 
  • Reinforce the competencies of Boards (ExCo & liaison office boards) aligned with the EUCCC’s original core mission

Please find below the Election Commission members for the 2023 elections:


Election Commission


Chair: Grace Chen

Member: Jiandang Gu

Member: Haiyan You 


Chair: Sarah Yu

Member: Michael Tan

Member: Jeanette Yu

Member: David Maurizot 


Chair: Harald Kumpfert

Member: Christophe Gelloz

Member: Leo Liu 

South China

Chair: Vivian Desmonts

Member: Stephan Stalder

Member: Francine Hadjisotiriou 

Southwest China

Chair: Jennifer Birdsong

Member: Edwin Heimberg

Member: Luo Min


Chair: Florian Mack

Member: Catherine Guo 

National AGM

Chair: Ninette Dodoo

Member: Sara Marchetta

Member: Michael Chang

Member: Jennifer Birdsong

Member: Sandy Li

Member: Adam Dunnett