Southwest China Chapter

The European Chamber Southwest Chapter was opened in 2005 in Chengdu and its membership base has since grown to over 120 members in both Chengdu and Chongqing. The chapter has established continuous lobbying services including regular lobbying meetings with local government departments, HR and Manufacturing Working Groups in Chengdu as well as Industrial Forum in Chongqing. The chapter is also in good relationship with local business associations, consulates and media, and plays an active and objective role in opinion and suggestion exchange between our members and local governments.

The Southwest Chapter has also established contacts with Shan'xi, Yun'nan and Guizhou provinces.

Chengdu Office


Chengdu office was established in 2005 and have now about 100 member companies. In Chengdu, besides our monthly activities, including lobbying meetings, VIP dinners, business seminars and  working group meetings, we also organise diversified events and projects with other chambers, consulates, universities, Chinese business associations as well as with Chinese local government.

Chengdu location & staff contacts

Chongqing Office


Chongqing office was officially opened in early 2012, and actively supported by our 30 member companies located in Chongqing. We have now at least 2 events per month in Chongqing and we strive to serve our members here proactively according to their specific needs.

Chongqing location & staff contacts

Upcoming Events

Currently there are no upcoming events.

Latest local News


2018 Europe Day Celebration in Chongqing

On 26th May, 2018, the European Chamber Southwest Chapter celebrated the "2018 Europe Day" with 500+ guests in Chongqing.

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