We Support Your Government Affairs Advocacy Efforts

Actively participate in and influence the development of increased market opening and regulatory reform in China through 26 Working Groups and 9 Fora. We provide European business with effective communication and advocacy channels.

As a member of the European Chamber, you will:

  • Access both working-level and high-level officials in both Europe and China to accomplish your objectives in China;
  • Influence legislation by contributing to the formulation of key messages in your working groups’ position papers, which are presented by the Chamber on your behalf to policy-makers in China and Europe;
  • Learn about key emerging issues and share experience and ideas with others in your sector;
  • Be seen by key media in Europe and China who follow the European Chamber for EU-China business developments;
  • Participate in and benefit from collaborative projects by joining public-private partnerships, capacity-building initiatives, China Desk activities, provincial out-reach visits and joint activities with national chambers;
  • Meet representatives from key think tanks, chambers, associations and other NGOs.
One Voice

"The European Chamber provides an effective communication and advocacy channel between authorities and members. For example our suggestions concerning "low volume exemption" proposed in a workshop was finally accepted by Chinese Authorities for MEP measures."

Karin Xu Director of Legal, Regulatory & Government Affairs Merck Chemicals (China)