Nanjing Position Paper 2023/2024


The third edition of Nanjing Position Paper presents the concerns and recommendations of European Chamber Nanjing Chapter members. It focuses on how Jiangsu can reach its full potential as an international investment destination through simple changes to how it approaches internationalisation, green energy adoption and environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations.

With the end of China’s zero-COVID policy, the Nanjing Position Paper 2023/2024 recommends that Nanjing and Jiangsu re-focus efforts to improve the liveability of the region by solving common issues that affect companies and foreign nationals on a daily basis.

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Tianjin Position Paper 2023/2024


The Tianjin Position Paper 2023/2024 outlines tangible steps the municipality can take to reassert itself as one of China’s leading investment destinations after having fallen behind other major cities over the last decade.

Compared to its peers, Tianjin now lags in a several key areas. Not only has its contribution to China’s economy declined in recent years, but the city is also relatively unattractive to talent, less innovative and an increasingly difficult place to do business.

The second edition of the Tianjin Position Paper puts forward 20 constructive recommendations to address these issues. These include refocussing on the city’s existing strengths, increasing the frequency and quality of industry-government dialogues, addressing barriers currently hindering carbon neutrality efforts and creating stronger links between industry and academia to develop talent pipelines.

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Shanghai Position Paper 2023/2024


The Shanghai Position Paper 2023/2024 outlines how Shanghai can restore its reputation as an internationally competitive city, after three years of stringent pandemic control measures rocked business confidence.

Now China has abandoned its zero-COVID policy, all eyes are on Shanghai—as China’s most international city and one of the cities hardest hit by COVID-related restrictions—for an indication of what China’s economic recovery efforts will look like. 

This fifth edition of the Shanghai Position Paper puts forward 37 constructive recommendations on how Shanghai can create a reliable business environment and advance towards its goals of becoming a regional headquarters economy and world-leading innovation hub. These include measures to make the city more attractive to foreign talent; address ongoing market access barriers; promote government-industry dialogue; fully leverage innovation resources; and strengthen regional integration.

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Southwest China Position Paper 2021/2022


The third edition of the Southwest China Position Paper 2021/2022 contains constructive recommendations for both the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing Two-City Economic Circle (Economic Circle) and improving the region’s business environment in general.

In recent years, the Chinese Government has announced several plans aimed at developing the Southwest China region, with the cities of Chengdu and Chongqing designated as key players. These plans include making the two cities and their hinterlands China’s fourth city cluster, and setting up logistics hubs for the Belt and Road Initiative. The report outlines how European businesses can contribute to the region, and the difficulties they currently encounter when trying to do so.

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Local Position Papers

The European Chamber’s series of local position papers address the wide range of issues that European businesses face across China’s multifaceted regions. They outline the concerns of our Chamber members in six chapters, and provide tailored recommendations for improving the business, and general, environment. These publications help us to more actively shape opinions at the regional level where the actual implementation, or lack thereof, of government policies directly affects our member companies operating in these locations. This bespoke approach to advocacy is crucial in order to engage local governments in regions that are larger than many European countries.

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