Benefits for Advisory Council Members

Advisory Council membership includes a set of special benefits to ensure nationwide visibility and the support of specific lobby actions relevant to Advisory Council members.

How much Influence will you have:

1. Advisory Council members have a special channel of communication between high-level Chinese and European political and economic authorities via:

  • Exclusive lunch/dinner meetings with Chinese and EU government officials;
  • Roundtables and exclusive briefings; and
  • Priority access to meetings with senior government officials from the EU and China – including those organized by individual working groups.

2. Advisory Council Summits, where the Chamber’s advocacy direction will be discussed and Advisory Council members will have the opportunity to raise their issues.

3. Representation of Advisory Council members’ interests by taking part in our advocacy efforts, from our Position Paper and other publications, to our government meetings and media outreach efforts.

4. Updates and involvement in relevant EU-China trade and investment negotiations and dialogues.

5. Regular exclusive briefing sessions to provide key input during:

  • The Position Paper drafting process, including one session where you will have the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of the Executive Position Paper;
  • The annual Brussels and European Circuit;
  • The preparation of the presentation of the Business Confidence Survey; and
  • Discussions on input into the Business Investment Agreement (BIA)

How much will you be seen?

1. Three memberships in each Chapter of the European Chamber – up to a total of 18 memberships.

2. Advisory Council members will be featured as sponsors of one* event per year with the following benefits:

  • Speaker slot.
  • Two VIP tickets.
  • Marketing booth at the event or at the registration table (depending on event).
  • Four event tickets.
  • Logo on event page, e-invitations and events newsletter sent at least three times to over 8,000 recipients.

3. Free tickets for company representatives at European Chamber breakfast seminars and in-house events.

4. Promotion of your company logo:

  • On the homepage and a dedicated Advisory Council page on the European Chamber’s website with a hyperlink to your company website;
  • In each issue of EURObiz;
  • In the European Chamber’s promotional brochure; and
  • On large banners at the Chamber’s more than 500 annual events.