South China Chapter

The South China Chapter was established in June 2006, first in Guangzhou and a year later in Shenzhen. Until now the South China Chapter has approximately 300 members constituting mainly European companies spanning across various industries including electronics and telecommunications, machinery and equipment, automotive components, household electrical appliances, logistics, healthcare, trading activities, financial, legal and tax services.

The South China Chapter is operating under the supervision of seven local board members and organizes regular meetings with government officials at provincial and municipal levels.

The South China Chapter’s secretariat geographical responsibilities include Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan.

South China Chapter is managed at the local level by South China local board reporting directly to the Executive Committee.

Guangzhou Office


Guangzhou office was set up in June 2006. It connects our members closely, schedules meetings for information sharing and meetings with the municipal government and provincial levels.

Guangzhou location & staff contacts

Shenzhen Office


Shenzhen office was set up in November 2007. It connects our members closely, schedules meetings for information sharing and meetings with government of city and provincial levels.

Shenzhen location & staff contacts

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