The Digital Hand: How China's Corporate Social Credit System Conditions Market Actors


China’s Corporate SCS, the innovative and comprehensive vision of using modern technologies to monitor, condition and steer market participants, is moving decisively forward with its planned rollout in 2020. Until now, the discussion has focused primarily on the potential impact of the SCS on individuals in China, while the ramifications of the Corporate SCS have remained largely under the radar. To address this, the European Chamber has partnered with Sinolytics to publish a major report that details the acute disruptions that European companies will face, and what they must do to ensure compliance.

The widespread implications of the Corporate SCS include, for example: requirements for companies to regularly transfer corporate data, which will then be published and publicly available in national databases; tax ratings that are based not only on tax-specific requirements, but also individual ratings of responsible personnel, and even media reports about respective companies; companies’ credit scores will be impacted by the ratings of their suppliers and business partners.

The report launch events will take place in Beijing on 28th August and in Shanghai on 29th August. Please click here to register.

The report will be available to download from 10:30am on 28th August.