Shenyang Position Paper 2017/2018


This is the first time that the Shenyang Position Paper has been released as a standalone publication. It is based on the concerns and recommendations of European Chamber member companies operating in the city. It aims to offer constructive recommendations to both Shenyang and national-level policy-makers, in part by contributing to the ongoing debate regarding the best approach to revitalising the economy of Northeast China.

These recommendations are offered in the spirit of mutual benefit to improve Shenyang's business environment for both foreign and domestic companies, in order to promote the city's sustainable economic growth.

Insights include:

  • Recommendations on how to improve governance in Shenyang, such as by increasing transparency and expediting construction permitting.
  • Recommendations on optimising use of human resources, including by taking measures to retain local talent and launching a pilot visa programme.
  • Suggestions for improving the city’s attractiveness through measures like upgrading urban liveability and developing regional tourism.

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Local Position Papers

Local Position Papers rev

The European Chamber’s series of local position papers address the wide range of issues that European businesses face across China’s multifaceted regions. They outline the concerns of our Chamber members in six chapters, and provide tailored recommendations for improving the business, and general, environment. These publications help us to more actively shape opinions at the regional level where the actual implementation, or lack thereof, of government policies directly affects our member companies operating in these locations. This bespoke approach to advocacy is crucial in order to engage local governments in regions that are larger than many European countries.

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