Southwest China Position Paper 2018/2019


In this second Southwest China Position Paper, the European Chamber puts forward recommendations to the local governments of Chengdu and Chongqing on how they can improve their local business environments and attract more international investment, while alleviating the concerns of European companies already operating in the region.

The European Chamber argues that while the development of 'hard infrastructure'—roads, bridges and railways—has helped to connect Southwest China with the rest of the world and open up more investment opportunities, slowing growth has necessitated a reappraisal of the region's traditional economic base. To successfully upgrade its heavy industries and shift towards smart manufacturing and the provision of services, Southwest China needs to focus on developing 'soft infrastructure', or human capital and institutions. By improving public governance, law enforcement, the financial system, education and healthcare, as well as creating the right conditions to attract and retain a skilled workforce, Chengdu and Chongqing can begin to rival other leading investment destinations in China.

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Shanghai Position Paper 2018/2019


This is the third edition of the Shanghai Position Paper, which continues the series of standalone local Position Papers that the European Chamber has been releasing since January 2015.

The Shanghai Position Paper 2018/2019 argues that the clock is ticking for Shanghai to achieve its developmental goals of becoming an international economic, trade, financial, shipping and logistics, and innovation centre by 2020. Specifically, the paper discusses how Shanghai can increase its innovation capacity, foster its manufacturing competitiveness, become more important for global finance, improve its quality of life and gather the best global talent.

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Local Position Papers

Local Position Papers rev

The European Chamber’s series of local position papers address the wide range of issues that European businesses face across China’s multifaceted regions. They outline the concerns of our Chamber members in six chapters, and provide tailored recommendations for improving the business, and general, environment. These publications help us to more actively shape opinions at the regional level where the actual implementation, or lack thereof, of government policies directly affects our member companies operating in these locations. This bespoke approach to advocacy is crucial in order to engage local governments in regions that are larger than many European countries.

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