First Quarterly Dialogue with Shenyang Authority ——Visa Policy

2018-03-30 | Shenyang

First Quarterly Dialogue with Shenyang Authority ——Visa Policy

Mr Harald Kumpfert, Chairman of the Shenyang Chapter and Ms Marine Chen, General Manager of the Shenyang Chapter visited the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation on 30th March. This is the first Quarterly Dialogue between EUCCC Shenyang Chapter and the contact department of EUCCC within Shenyang Government ——Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation.

中国欧盟商会沈阳分会主席孔海德先生与中国欧盟商会沈阳分会总经理陈擎女士于3月30日拜访沈阳市对外贸易与经济合作局, 并与沈阳市政府特派对欧盟商会联系部门——沈阳市对外贸易与经济合作局开展季度对话。此次对话是欧盟商会与沈阳市政府系列季度对话的第一次。

Following a briefing on the recent work of both parties, Mr Yang Yaozhi, Director of German Investment Promotion Office, Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, first appreciated the support from the European Chamber to Shenyang’s development and expressed that the Shenyang Government would like to take this valuable opportunity to improve the local business environment.


Mr Harald Kumpfert, Chairman of the Board, first acknowledged the impressive achievements of the Shenyang Municipal Government on pushing forward with market-based reforms and creating a better international business environment, especially the construction on the international website. A meeting on the website building, which many members of EUCCC have attended, was held at the same time of the quarterly dialogue. He then noted that members of the Shenyang Chapter are eager to have an event on the newest reforms of the visa policy and a close door discussion on the possible measures and concerns of foreign business, so that the measures and achievements of the Shenyang Government can be updated in time and consultation can be made to improve future reforms.


The meeting concluded with a discussion on details how to set up the meeting on updating the visa policy and close door dialogue and future topics of the quarterly dialogue.


The Shenyang Chapter of the European Chamber is excited about this first step on improving local visa policy to attract more foreign talents. It hopes to see fruitful discussions in the future that lead to a better business environment as well as a stronger economic and sustainable economic model for the city as a whole.