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本课程旨在培养学员使用AI工具快速高效制作PPT的能力,解决职场汇报PPT的常见痛点,掌握从内容创作到视觉呈现的全流程技能,学会使用各种智能工具对PPT进行改进和优化。设计和生产过程。此外,本课程将全面提升学员从零到精通Gamma软件的使用能力,掌握AI报表和显示工具,提高工作效率和报表质量。通过本课程,学生将能够轻松处理各种商业报告场景,并快速制作既专业又具有视觉冲击力的演示材料。This course aims to cultivate participants' ability to use AI tools to quickly and efficiently produce PPT, solve common pain points in reporting PPT in the workplace, master the full process skills from content creation to visual presentation, and learn to use a variety of intelligent tools to improve and optimize PPT. Design and production process. In addition, this course will comprehensively improve participants' ability to use Gamma software from zero to proficient, and master AI reporting and display tools to improve work efficiency and report quality. Through this course, students will be able to easily handle various business reporting scenarios and quickly produce presentation materials that are both professional and visually impactful.

  • 2024-05-24 | 09:00
  • KIT Suzhou

The European Chamber Southwest China Chapter cordially invites you to participate in the Sixth WCIFIT Domestic Sourcing Session of Global Sourcing and Matchmaking Conference & the Ninth Business Speed Meeting of Chengdu-Chongqing Foreign Chambers of Commerce Union, which will be held on May 24, 2024 (Friday) at the Chongqing International Expo Center.

  • 2024-05-24 | 13:30 - 16:30
  • Chongqing International Expo Center
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ESG and compliance have become key pillars of corporate development, prompting increasing attention from companies and investors on a company's ESG performance and compliance level. In order to promote further development in the ESG and compliance fields, SGS has specially planned an ESG risk management and compliance seminar, scheduled to take place in Shenyang on May 24, 2024. We cordially invite you to participate in this event.

  • 2024-05-24 | 13:30 - 16:30
  • 待定

The European Chamber Tianjin Chapter 4th Football Game and International Family Day is coming on 25th May 2024.

Come and play at the football tournament and enjoy the family day with European community!

  • 2024-05-25 | 08:30 - 17:30
  • DL Plant, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.(Enter from south gate)

2024 European Chamber Gala Ball - A Night of Timeless Splendor

  • 2024-05-25 | 18:00 - 22:30
  • Great Room 2+3, B2, W Chengdu 成都W酒店 负二层宴会厅 2+3

The European Chamber Southwest China Chapter sincerely invites you to participate in the Decathlon Sky Yoga event to be held on May 26, 2024 (Sunday) at the Skyview, WFC in Chongqing. The European Chamber of Commerce, together with Decathlon and WFC, promotes yoga culture, advocates national fitness, encourages members to actively participate in physical fitness, and pursues a healthy and civilized lifestyle.

  • 2024-05-26 | 07:30 - 10:00
  • 73rd Floor, Skyview, WFC (Registration & Entrance at the security checkpoint on the LG floor) 环球金融中心73层WFC会仙楼观景台(LG层安检处签到进场)

WANT TO TRY ROWING? Now it is the opportunity to start! Join the rowing workshops organized by the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter and also enjoy a high-level networking among the beautiful Xuanwu Lake!

  • 2024-05-26 | 16:00 - 17:00
  • 艇进国际赛艇俱乐部 Tingjin International rowing Club

Agile leadership is not just a methodology; it is a philosophy that fosters flexibility, innovation, and, most importantly, motivation within your team. In this course, we will explore the principles and practices of Agile leadership, emphasising how to inspire and motivate your team members to achieve their full potential. From embracing change to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, you will gain the tools and insights necessary to lead with agility in the pursuit of both individual and collective success.

  • 2024-05-28 - 2024-05-29 | 00:00 - 00:00
  • Novotel Shanghai Atlantis

The European Chamber Construction and Carbon Market Working Groups are pleased to invite you to join an onsite visit and workshop to the Suzhou High-speed Rail New Town to meet the local authorities, learn how the new town is being planned and engage in knowledge sharing on low-carbon construction and development of the town.

  • 2024-05-28 - 2024-05-28 | 13:30 - 17:00
  • Ziguang building, No.99 Nantiancheng Road, XiangCheng District,Suzhou
Members only

The European Chamber Shanghai Chapter, in partnership with Roland Berger, cordially invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting and the Shanghai launch of its European Business in China - Business Confidence Survey 2024 on 28th May, from 14:30 to 16:30 (Beijing time).

  • 2024-05-28 | 14:30 - 16:30
  • European Chamber Shanghai Office 中国欧盟商会上海办公室