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2022-11-08 | All chapters

Carbon Neutrality Action (CNA) Initiative

Climate change and biodiversity are the most pressing challenges of our time and are areas that are ripe for deepening EU-China cooperation, at both the industry and institutional levels.

The European Chamber has long been advocating for EU-China cooperation on decarbonisation and launched the CNA Initiative in May 2022 to facilitate coordinated efforts among the Chamber’s membership.

We are working with our members, through the Chamber’s working groups, advocacy and event programming, to identify the areas in which we can cooperate with China to achieve its 2060 carbon neutrality goals.

This initiative is being widely marketed through all Chamber platforms and is advertised in each of the Chamber’s nine offices across China.

The Chamber is also committed to reducing its own carbon footprint. We practice sorting and recycling of paper and other waste, use energy-efficient appliances and office equipment, and encourage staff to carpool or use public transportation whenever practical. We have a ‘Green Office Guide’ that is shared with all staff to encourage behaviour that can help us to become even more efficient and environmentally friendly. The Chamber is currently exploring the idea of conducting a carbon footprint assessment.

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