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2007-12-28 | All chapters

New Member Pricing for 2008

The European Chamber is revising its pricing after a four year price freeze. The Executive Committee has decided for 2008 to increase the price of membership for some categories as well as introducing National Membership. These changes will equip the Chamber with the resources needed to provide members with the adequate level of services.

All current members have been sent a detailed letter, which provides information about the changes to membership pricing.

Pricing for 2008:

Corporate Membership:
EU-Registered companies with over 1000 employees worldwide:
· Corporate Member: 12,000 RMB
· Additional Member:   6,000 RMB

EU-Registered companies with 250-1000 employees worldwide:
· Corporate Member: 6,000 RMB
· Additional Member: 3,000 RMB

EU-Registered companies with less than 250 employees worldwide:
· Corporate Member: 4,000 RMB
· Additional Member: 2,000 RMB

Associate Member:
· Corporate Member: 12,000 RMB
· Additional Member:   6,000 RMB

Non-Resident Member:
· Corporate Member: 4,000 RMB

Individual Membership:
· Individual Member: 4,000 RMB

A new membership category - National Membership is now available. This option allows your company to cover membership for all branches of your company by paying one unique fee.

Pricing for National Membership:
· 10,000 RMB (companies with less than 250 employees worldwide)
· 15,000 RMB (companies with 250-1,000 employees worldwide)
· 30,000 RMB (companies with over 1,000 employees worldwide and associate)

From 2008, the European Chamber will take forward a strategy which:
· reaffirms that lobbying and working groups are the core of the Chamber, and gives priority to strengthening this core
· extends the range and improves the quality of our events, publications and website
· continues to expand membership with a target of doubling it to 2,500 by 2012
· positions us to complement, and not duplicate, the work of European National Chambers of Commerce.