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随着2020 年 5 月 16 日 洋山特殊综合保税区揭牌仪式的完成,象征着 我国 151 个海关特殊监管区域中唯一的特殊综合保税区正式开始启动运作。海关推进洋山特殊综保区建设,是通过海关制度创新和管理变革,为上海高水平开放、高质量发展提供重要制度供给和政策供给的一次具体实践。洋山特殊综合保税区位于临港新片区,总面积为25.31平方公里,交通条件十分便利,将推动服务贸易、货物贸易与高端制造的集成发展,着力提升国际航运增值服务能力,打造大飞机产业集群。


Shanghai’s Yangshan Special Comprehensive Free Trade Zone was officially launched on Saturday 16th May 2020, becoming China’s only special comprehensive bonded zone.
This exclusive zone, takes an important role promoting China’s all-round and high-level opening-up. Located in the Lingang Special Area and with a total of 25.31 square kilometers in the Southeast Corner of Shanghai, this zone enjoys comprehensive transport conditions and will focus on the development in fields including trade in goods and services, high-end manufacturing, value-added services of international shipping and large aircraft industry.
The European Chamber is delighted to welcome Dechun Mao, Director General of China(Shanghai) Pilot FTZ Lin-gang Special Area Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone Division (Shipping Division), Shuguang Pang, Assistant to General Manager of Shanghai Free Trade Zones United Development Co., Ltd., and Jia Chen, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Yangshan Free-trade Port Area Coporation Service Co.,Ltd, for a presentation on this newly launched bonded zone, as well as an overview of the beneficial policies available for companies established in this special zone, such as benefits in customs’ management, canceling storage deadlines for goods and building an information disclosure system of enterprise credit.

  • 2020-06-03 | 09:30 - 11:30
  • European Chamber Office Shanghai