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The European Chamber’s Paediatric Nutrition (PN) Sub-working Group was established in 2009, and currently has seven international companies as members and six domestic manufacturers as local partners. Members and partners of the working group include the major manufacturers of infant formulas who are active in China. The expertise of the members and partners in the infant formula sector is widely recognised by Chinese consumers in providing high-quality paediatric nutrition products and meeting the needs of consumers. They have contributed significantly to the development of the paediatric nutrition sector in China. The Paediatric Nutrition Sub-working Group represents the interests of its members and partners and promotes dialogue and communication among all relevant stakeholders, including industry associations and regulators.

The Paediatric Nutrition Sub-working Group believes that breast milk is the best and safest food for infants and young children and wants to offer its support for the education of both health workers and the general public on the benefits of breast milk.

The Paediatric Nutrition Sub-working Group is of the opinion that it is very important to regulate this sector with modern legislation and modern standards based on scientific evidence. The working group is committed to making efforts to ensure the whole PN industry is safe, healthy and sustainable.

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