Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theme of the Science Year 2019 in Germany. AI is probably the most exciting future technology of our time. AI indeed will change our lives and daily routine, our work, and our society. As the Research University in the Helmholtz Association, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) aligns its major research areas with the large challenges society is facing nowadays. Future-oriented topics such as the interaction of humans and machines, Industry 4.0, autonomous driving, humanoid robotics and speech comprehension are central AI issues that involve a wide variety of disciplines at KIT. 德国2019科学年的主题是人工智能。人工智能可能是我们这一时 代诞生出的最为动人心弦的科技。的确,人工智能将改变我们 的生活、日常习惯,我们的工作和我们的社会。作为亥姆霍兹 联合会的一员,卡尔斯鲁厄理工学院(KIT)的研究领域与当今 社会的重大挑战保持一致。KIT多种专业方向与人工智能的核心 问题有关,比如人机互动、工业4.0、无人驾驶等面向未来发展 的主题。

  • 2019-10-14 | 09:15 - 16:30
  • Suzhou Silu Production Engineering Services Co., Ltd

With user-generated content gaining much more influence, some cases of overzealous consumer activism can damage brands’ reputation significantly overnight. When such improper rights protection affects brands, the communication strategy to deal with consumers and media is vital to protect a brand’s reputation and defuse crisis.

  • 2019-09-25 | 10:00 - 12:00
  • European Chamber Office Beijing, Room C405
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SME & Start Up Roundtable

According to the 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking (GSER) published by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Shanghai is among the top 10 start up Economies. Within this dynamic and innovative environment, there is a small community of foreign entrepreneurs that have decided to start their own company in Shanghai. Why did they make this step? Which difficulties and opportunities have they encountered? Why Shanghai?
The European Chamber is pleased to invite you to our SME Forum meeting, where all these topics and more will be discussed by foreign entrepreneurs and insiders of the start-up world.

  • 2019-09-24 | 09:00 - 12:00
  • European Chamber Shanghai Office, Unit 2204
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The increasing tense and unpredictability of the global trade situation is causing significant disruptions to their global supply chains and serious impacts on multinational companies. Along with the upcoming roll-out of Social Credit Syetem by 2020, companies in China have to make sure themselves and their supply chain stakeholders all meet the compliance requirements which could define their future. How to manage supply chain stakeholders with efficiency and avoid potential risks are key concerns for companies nowadays. The European Chamber Sustainable Trade Task Force which is under CSR forum is delighted to invite experts of supply chain management to share their best practices and experience.

  • 2019-09-19 | 10:00 - 12:00
  • The European Chamber Office, C405

The U.S.-China trade relations have been fluctuating since 2018. The recent tariffs increase has put US$550 billion worth of Chinese goods subject to U.S. tariffs and US$185 billion worth of U.S. goods subject to Chinese tariffs. Uncertainties and challenges from U.S.-China trade war put companies in increasingly difficult water. With his rich experience in China, John Holden, Senior Director & Head of China Practice of McLarty Associates will deliver a speech on the status of U.S.-China relations and the trade conflict. Mr. Holden received the Friendship Award, the most prestigious honor granted by China to foreigners. From 1998 to 2005, Holden was President of the National Committee on United States–China Relations.

中美贸易关系自2018年来一波三折。双方最新的关税让总计约5500亿美元的中国出口美国商品受到新增关税的影响,也让总计约1850亿美元的美国出口中国商品受到新增关税的影响。贸易战的不确定性让公司面临着日益严峻的经营环境。来自McLarty Associates的Senior Director & Head of China Practice John Holden先生将就当前中美关系和贸易摩擦进行演讲。John Holden先生在中国有着丰富的经历。他曾获得“中国政府友谊奖”,这一奖项是中国政府授予外国专家的最高荣誉。从1998年至2005年,John Holden先生曾担任美中关系全国委员会主席。

  • 2019-09-12 | 14:00 - 16:00
  • Room 405, Beijing, European Chamber
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Dear Members and Friends,
The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Shenyang Chapter is thrilled to invite you to the 2019 Generali HR Hot Topic Forum (Shenyang) on Sunday September 1, 2019, 13:00- 17:30.
中国欧盟商会沈阳分会荣幸的邀请您参加将于2019年9月1日13:00- 17:30举办的2019中意人寿人力资源热点论坛(沈阳)。

  • 2019-09-01 | 13:00 - 17:30
  • Conrad Hotel, Henglong Plaza

(首届)人力资源进化论坛 数字科技驱动组织敏捷与人才赋能

  • 2019-08-30 | 09:00 - 16:40
  • 天津康莱德酒店 三层多功能厅

Digital technology is being applied to almost every part of a company’s value chain. In terms of marketing, digitalization plays a vital role in improving customer experience, making better decisions, and ultimately driving growth. In the ever more competitive and constantly changing business environment, marketing departments are expected to contribute more to companies’ overall performance.

  • 2019-07-25 | 14:00 - 16:00
  • European Chamber Beijing Chapter, 4th Floor, Office C405, Lufthansa Centre

European Chamber and Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center invite you to join the Meeting with Various Dongguan Government Departments on June 27.
Representatives from 10 departments in Dongguan Government will join the meeting this time. Policies aiming at attracting foreign investment and other concerned topics will be explained and discussed. This will help European enterprises better understand the business opportunities in Dongguan and seize the opportunity to develop in Dongguan. Moreover, it helps enterprises adapt to the local business environment.
After conferring  our member companies, the topics covered in  this meeting will include, but are not limited to,  the establishment of Greater Bay Area, industrial development, manufacturing safety, waste and pollution management, talent attraction, and disabled employment security.
Please check the arrangement of the meeting below. If you are interested in this meeting, please contact Pingrui Zhao ( for registration.

  • 2019-06-27 | 09:00 - 11:00
  • 东莞市投资促进局一楼3号会议室
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Uncertainties from trade war and public relations all put companies in increasingly difficult water. GAO Yuan, Head of International R&D Center, China Fortune Land Development Co. Ltd, will deliver a speech on trade friction and industrial transfer in the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. JIANG Xiaofeng, founder of China Advocate, a company specialized in brand management and strategic marketing consulting, will deliver a speech on crisis management.


  • 2019-06-26 | 14:00 - 16:00
  • European Chamber, Room C405
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