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2015-12-03 > All chapters

Head of EU Delegation’s Speech at Annual Conference: Changing landscape of EU-China economic and trade relations

Changing landscape of EU-China economic and trade relations.

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2015-11-19 > All chapters

European Business Organisation Worldwide Network (EBOWWN) Meeting in Beijing

The European Chamber hosted a global meeting of the European Business Organisation Worldwide Network (EBOWWN) from 11th to 13th November.

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2015-10-14 > All chapters

30 years of EPO - SIPO cooperation: The European Chamber participates

The European Chamber participated in and co-sponsored the International Symposium to mark the 30th Anniversary of EPO (European Patent Office) - SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office) Cooperation that took place on 9th October 2015 in Lyon.

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2015-10-13 > All chapters

Chamber welcomes newly appointed State Representative Frederic Cornu and Shenyang Chapter Chairman Harald Kumpfert

The Chamber recognizes and thanks both Bruno and Florian for their outstanding support to the Chamber and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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2015-10-13 > All chapters

European Chamber Advisory Council members meet with Vice President Katainen, Commissioner Oettinger, Commisioner Bulc and Vice President of European Investment Bank Fayolle

On September 28th, the Adivsory Council members of the European Chamber had the unique opportunity to meet Mr. Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitivenes.

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2015-09-09 > All chapters

Position Paper 2015/2016 in the news

The newly launched Position Paper has garnered headlines in all major international media outlets such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Reuters, as well as widely disseminated stories from major newswires.

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2015-07-29 > All chapters

‘World’s factory’ maintains advantages at keeping high-end manufacturing in country

Alberto Vettoretti, the Chair of European Chamber South China Chapter, was interviewed by Global Times regarding the issue that manufacturing industry in China has been relocating to Southeast Asia due to its cheaper labor costs.

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2015-06-16 > All chapters

Business Confidence Survey 2015 in the News

The Business Confidence Survey 2015 (BCS 2015) received wide media coverage both internationally and domestically in China.

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2015-06-03 > All chapters

Foreign business is deeply concerned by the overly broad and vague definitions of the draft PRC National Security Law

Beijing, 3rd June, 2015 – The European Chamber is very concerned about the second draft of the PRC National Security Law and its overly broad and vague definitions of what constitutes ‘national security’.

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