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2022-09-19 | All chapters

Announcement on the Passing of Vice President Guido Giacconi

On 18th September 2022, European Chamber Vice President Guido Giacconi passed away peacefully while visiting family in his native Italy.

Guido was an extremely energetic and dedicated member of the European Chamber, and the breadth of his engagement was significant. He was a passionate leader of the Chamber’s Energy Working Group and served as its chair from 2018 to 2021. In May 2021, he was elected as Vice President, and expanded his involvement by frequently visiting and speaking at other Chamber chapters. He represented the Chamber at countless government meetings and conferences and was always available, reliable, and committed.

The Executive Committee and secretariat of the European Chamber are deeply saddened by his passing.

With the blessing of his family, the European Chamber would like to hear from our members and friends who knew Guido, to express their condolences. These messages will be collected and presented in a memorial book that will be sent to his family in Italy.

You may send your condolences to:

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"I am grateful for Guido’s far-reaching contributions to the European Chamber from the Energy Working Group to Carbon Neutrality Study to the Shandong Initiative. A great Italian, a great European, a great friend. Rest in Peace."

Joerg Wuttke, European Chamber President

“Friends always leave us too soon. Guido had so much to contribute, as he did tirelessly over many years at the EUCCC. His intimate knowledge of China and his deep belief in what Europeans could and should do to further their economic and trade relations across the country will be sorely missed. On a personal level, I shall keep a vivid memory of his smile and his appreciation of the teamwork between the Chamber and the EU Delegation in Beijing. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and the Chamber.”

Nicolas Chapuis, Former EU Ambassador to China (2018-2022)

Guido was an outstanding professional and a pillar of the Italian community in Beijing. In my three years as Ambassador of Italy to the People’s Republic of China, I have had the privilege of working with him on many occasions and I have greatly appreciated his meaningful insights and his efforts in channeling the European companies’ voice to the Chinese authorities. He was a true friend and he will be deeply missed in Beijing and in China. May he rest in peace.

Luca Ferrari, Ambassador of Italy to the People’s Republic of China.

"Guido was a great man of values. As an individual he was always there to support family, friends and colleagues. He was a brilliant professional and a tireless civil servant at disposal of the community. We all shall be inspired by his legacy."

Davide Cucino

"Guido was always available to engage in the activities of the Italian and European business communities in China, providing limitless support, energy and experience. We met years ago for our professional activities and then embarked on a path of collaboration that led to a solid and genuine friendship. He was unique for his intelligence, brilliance... engaging and never prone to compromise, he always operated with style and respect... as well as great humanity. My heart is now close to Emanuela, Gugliemo, Riccardo and all his family. We lost a  strong believer in European Union values, a person committed to building bridges with China and a true friend… we will miss you, Guido!"

Massimo Bagnasco

"Guido was a very active EXCO member. In his capacity as VP he supported all chapters well. He travelled to South China to attend the government conferences and together we had press interviews.  With him we lose a colleague and friend much too early. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. R.I.P. dear Guido."

Klaus Zenkel

"Guido was an amazingly dedicated European working tirelessly for the improvement of EU China relations with charm, creativity, tremendous experience and great energy. It was always a true pleasure to work alongside our friend Guido and we will all miss him enormously. My most profound condolences to Guido’s family. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers."

Peter Ling-Vannerus

"I wish to express my deepest sympathy on the passing of a colleague and a dear friend, Guido Giacconi. He was one of the very key members of our Executive Committee and his strong spirit of service, his wisdom and respect for institutions will be with us for a long time. I will remember Guido as a passionate, witty, and well-balanced man, always ready to share a good advice. My heartfelt condolences go to his loved ones. Non ci sono parole per esprimere il dolore che la tua dipartita ha lasciato in tutti noi. Ciao Guido e Riposa in pace."

Renata Pavlov

"We have lost not only a dear friend, but a true European insisting that Europe and China will be able to chart a course forward in spite of differences. A gentleman to the fingertips we will miss his calm wisdom, uprightness, insights and friendship. Our thoughts are with his family."

Jens Eskelund

"It was a great pleasure to work and cooperate with Guido over the course of the past years with the European Chamber as well as the time spent over the EU tour delegation in Brussels, truly, he will be missed. We will remember him for his stoic professionalism, the dedication he showed for his work for the Chamber, his means of lateral thinking as well as his deep knowledge of energies and the concept of carbon neutrality, which have been invaluable in assisting our members in China. We extend our deepest condolences to all his family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time."

Carlo Diego D'Andrea

"We will always remember Guido as a very committed and dedicated member of the European Chamber Executive Committee. I appreciate all his efforts in building bridges between European companies and Chinese authorities. We will miss him a lot. Rest in Peace."

Bettina Schoen

"My deepest condolences to the Giacconi family. Guido’s presence and contributions to the European Chamber will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. I wish you peace and strength."

Adam Dunnett

"A friend of many years in Beijing, with deep knowledge and understanding of China. Guido has been the man I used to go to for that kind of advice only a friend can give you. He will be missed: he had still so much to give! His life is an “incompiuta”. Ciao Guido."

Renzo Isler

"He was a dear friend, an esteemed professional and a man of great culture known for his generosity. We will always remember him for his unconditional commitment within the business community in China, both at the Italian level, with our Chamber of Commerce, and at the European level, with the EUCCC. I send you a big hug Guido and bid you a good journey."

Paolo Bazzoni, Chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

"It has been with the greatest sadness that I learnt about Guido’s untimely passing. It is a huge loss for the European Chamber of Commerce in China, and for the EU business community in Beijing. Our dear Guido was always an energetic colleague, with clear vision, sharp political instinct, and tireless will to volunteer for EUCCC duties. I had the pleasure of serving as reporting officer when he was elected, and of sharing the table at the regular meetings of the Executive Council of EUCCC. Guido was also there in his role as Vice President for many of the webinars organised by EUCCC in which the EU Delegation spoke. Guido’s repeated tenures at EUCCC and the efforts he put into the chamber will not be forgotten, as a public service to furthering EU interests in China. This legacy of his, a role model EU businessman in China, his contribution to furthering the interests of EU business in China, will live on. My thoughts are with his family and friends in these sad moments."

Eva Valle Lagares

"Being a legend is not easy, and he made it! It is an honor to know Guido from EUCCC as a true leader and am impressed by his professional expertise. I appreciate his ultimate energy to support EU-China carbon neutrality action and promote mutual economy and trade dialogue. He has been working harder when he was in Europe this time to understand more how to help EU-China to better support each other. Personally, Guido is such a wonderful guy along his life who dedicated to defending truth, peace, human progress, dignity. Even being an Italian, but his dream is in Africa with wildness and brightness. He came to China 40 years ago due to his love to this land and his smile, spirit and legacy will be always with us with his immortality. He is a warrior, a pioneer, a dreamer and will be missed/respected forever. My deepest condolence to his younger sister Paola and all family who love him the most!"

Taylor Zeng

"Man of peace, man of “making”, man of style. He was a great “builder” of bridges from west and east about a crucial topic, the energy. He did most of his efforts on the right relationship from EUCCC and China Administration and Business World. And overall to spread out his important knowledge to help European company to growing up in China. RIP my dear friend."

Gianni Di Giovanni

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of my dear friend Guido. It is an incommensurable loss for the Chamber and for the representation of the European Union and its interests in China. We have worked together during his tenure as chair of the Energy Working Group, to implement the flagship project EU-China Energy Cooperation. With his energy, dedication and wisdom, he contributed essentially towards making the project a success. He was broad-minded and forward looking, a true Italian discoverer in the best tradition of Marco Polo, and a citizen of the World with the most distinct European allure.  He will be badly missed. May God rest his soul in peace …!"

Octavian Stamate

"He took on many new initiatives and I am grateful for his support with the Shandong initiative. He travelled to Shandong on several occasions and seriously supported me whenever needed. RIP."

Kitty Wang

"Guido was one of the brightest and most dedicated people I’ve ever met. He was an extremely involved chair for the Energy working group whose constant insight and contributions were integral to our advocacy and to building a community for the members. He was passionate about understanding China and bringing about a greener future. His passing is a huge loss for the many people who had the privilege of meeting and admiring him. May his memory be a blessing."

Rachel Rapaport

"It is shocking to learn about Guido's sudden departure. As a member of the chamber especially through the construction working group, I had the opportunities to work up and close with Guido on many ocassions in meetings with Chamber's stakeholders. He impressed me with his passion  and professionalism working hard for the interests of the Chamber as well as those of fellow member companies. He will be dearly missed as a good colleague. My sincerest condolences to him and his family."

Alfred Che

"Guido was a friend, a well-respected professional, a dedicated civil servant. I hope we will be able to keep the baton from him with the same passion and refinement. Ciao Guido, sono molto triste, che la Terra ti sia lieve!"

Roberto  Donà

"My deepest condolences to the Giacconi’s family. I will be missing Guido and our passionate chats. Ciao Professò, rest in peace."

Salvatore Miranti

"Il Gruppo RINA apprende con profondo dolore la notizia dell’improvvisa scomparsa di Guido Giacconi, che abbiamo avuto modo di conoscere nel corso delle nostre attivita' in Cina. A nome di tutto il Gruppo RINA esprimiamo profondo cordoglio per la sua scomparsa e sentita vicinanza ai familiari. RINA Group learns with deep sorrow the news of the sudden death of Guido Giacconi, whom we got to know during our activities in China. On behalf of the entire RINA Group, we express our deep condolences for his death and our heartfelt closeness to his family."

Luigi Fiato

“I am very saddened by the news of Guido’s unexpected and premature passing away. From the first meeting many years ago he was an inspiration through his great enthusiasm for all things that he engaged in. I was very pleased to see Guido become Vice President of EUCCC as he took on this task with real passion and a true conviction that European companies can make a difference in China and especially in the field of energy and CO2 reductions. He took on this task with great commitment. Guido is leaving behind a big void and will be warmly remembered. RIP Guido!”

Mats Harborn

 “When embarking on the great journey of starting a career path in a foreign country, a young foreign professional does so by looking up to models and old hands among the business community already settled there. As part of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce workforce at first, then as a member and former Board Director of the latter, and most recently as a supporter of the European Chamber of Commerce in China activities and working groups, I feel honored to have found that in a figure like Guido’s. His cursus honorum allowed him to always cut through complexities with perspectives that were enlightening at the very least. For countless executives, he represented the “go-to person” whenever China’s own complexities kept them up at night. Those who had the luxury to call him a friend will all miss Guido as someone irreplaceable in their existence. My deepest condolences go to his family, colleagues, and dearest ones. From today we’ll all do our best to walk in the footsteps of a real giant.”

Fabio Stella

“Dear Guido, you have been one of the strongest pillar of the Italian and European community in China. A 360° degrees expert, a listened consultant, a generous man always ready to give suggestions and provide support to those who asked for. Your passion for work, for our community, for institutions won’t be matched. I cannot believe we’re no more going to have lunch together or a phone call just for some gossip.” Ciao Guido


 "My sincere condolences to the Giacconi family for their loss. I had the chance to know Guido and work with him as a colleague on the board of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the European Chamber. I remember his passion for China, his interest in new projects, and the quality of his work; he was an entrepreneur, promoting the value of intellectual professionalism.”

Lorenzo Riccardi 

"Dear Guido, thank you for your enthusiasm, experience, commitment and for sharing many endeavors during the past years.

Most of all, I will always remember you as a dear friend."

Sara Marchetta

"Guido era un amico. Professionista  di spessore. Abbiamo lavorato insieme su diversi progetti ‘ China related’ negli ultimi 15 anni, l’ultimo si e’ concluso con successo prima dell’ estate. Ricorderemo sempre la tua integrità, l’etica professionale, la passione e la messa in gioco sempre in prima persona. Con te si lavorava in squadra. Ci mancherai davvero tanto. Alessia e EY China&CIS desk"

Alessia Pastori 

"Guido, working with you has been fantastic, a mix of deep human connection, strong intelligence and passion. You were a strong believer of Europe but also had a real passion for China. Most of all, your knowledge and concerns regarding energy and energy transition were fantastic. I've been blessed to exchange so much with you on these topics and learned a lot. I will deeply miss you, your smile, your intelligence and your passion. I will cherish the memory of all the good times we had together. My dear friend, may you rest in peace. "

Mickael Naouri 

"I am privileged to work with Guido in the past years in EUCCC. He was such a respected colleague and friend with charming characters, full of passion and energy to drive EUCCC’s mission and build bridges between EU and China industries. His deep cross-culture & cross-industry knowledge was always inspirational, which will become a good memory for me. Please allow me to extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and beloved ones. Sorry for your loss. R.I.P Guido."

Michael Chang

“We are very saddened to hear about the recent passing of Mr. Guido Giacconi. On behalf of everyone in the CEIBS community, we would like to offer our condolences to the Giacconi family. We were very fortunate to have welcomed Mr. Giacconi to speak at one of our recent events and are extremely grateful for the valuable insights he shared and for his contributions to China-Europe relations.”

– CEIBS President Wang Hong

"Ciao Guido, è stato un piacere ad un onore conoscerti, condividere idee e discutere di Cina, Italia, presente e futuro. Il ricordo più bello che ho di te sono le cene nelle amate Marche, a casa di Cristiana, bevendoci un bicchiere di buon vino in compagnia di nuovi e vecchi amici, senza troppi pensieri e lontano dalle preoccupazioni del lavoro. Grazie e buon viaggio, un giorno ci rivedremo sicuramente."

Lorenzo Bali

"I cannot believe the brutal reality that my first dialogue with Guido over May 11 2021 EUCCC Election event, will be my last chance talk with this brilliant gentleman.  I can still recall the happy moment back in late May 2021 when Sara and I got to know Guido won the election for EUCCC Vice President.  We all know that he’s well deserved for this role after his so many years’ relentless contributions - bridging the European and Chinese businesses for the community.  My deepest condolences to the Giacconi Family. Ciao Guido … R.I.P. "

Shen Yanrong

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of Guido. We have worked together during his tenure as Energy Working Group Chair when I was working at the European Chamber. He will always be remembered for his enthusiasm and commitment. He always supported the Chamber and the Chamber's team in all possible ways. His involvement in the Energize your Autumn event series and his initiative to have an Energy table at the 2020 Shanghai Appreciation Dinner were of great value to the Chamber. Let the fondest memories provide comfort in your journey through Guido's loss."

Laura Alvarez Mendivil 

"I just learned and feel deeply saddened with the news of passing of Guido, a friend of many years in Beijing. My wife and I would like to express our heartfelt and deepest condolences to his wife and family."

Victor Yang

“A friend of genuine heart, a talented man gifted with a sharp and open mind. Knowing Guido has been a pleasure and a honor.The many demonstrations of honest respect, gratitude and love for him are the mirror of his person. Caro Guido riposa in pace.’’

Angelo Cecchini

“Dear Guido, I recalled our regular office mornings when you always needed to prepare your espresso before our project checkpoints conversation, and every time after our conversation I always felt much more purposeful on the projects. Thank you for being a great leader and mentor, and you were always fair, open, and patient to the people you worked with. No more project meetings from now on, but I will continue carrying on with your trust and influence and providing my ultimate support to Guglielmo and your loved ones. Have a nice trip, Guido.”

 Qian Xu

 “The first time I met Guido was on our Annual General Meeting in Chengdu in 2021. A great gentleman with big smiles and politeness . Also impressive on Guido’s insightful sharing on green industry during our VIP breakfast meeting with CGs in Chengdu"

Sally Huang

"It’s such a heavy shock for me to hear this sad and horrible news. I just cannot believe it as it seems Guido still is among us. As the EU Chamber is having a discussion now about the latest Position Paper, I still can recall the great passion and dedication that Guido had given during his chairmanship of the Energy Working Group and leadership as Vice President of the Chamber. Guido is always nice and friendly and, keeps a clear vision of the issues in his mind. He is such a great business partner… My deep condolences to his family.  May Guido peace in Heaven."

Ningke Peng of SNAM  

"We are deeply saddened to hear about Mr. Guido Giacconi’s passing. On behalf of the Green Partnership of Industrial Parks in China, please accept our sincere condolences. Based on our few interactions with Guido, we were so impressed by his energy, intelligence and enthusiasm. We truly appreciate the contributions he had made in helping Chinese industrial parks to achieve green transition and carbon neutrality, as well in promoting the collaboration between China and EU. It was a pleasure to work with him and we will always remember him here. Sending our deepest sympathy and caring wishes to Guido’s family and coworkers."



“Dear Guido, I call you not only a great leader but also a great mentor of me, we have started working together for few months. I will say it’s really a pity for me couldn’t follow you anymore and learn more from you, but I will remember forever these priceless months as your professionality, your working attitude deeply moved me and let me fall in love with your career which you were dedicated to for your whole life. I will always remember your words and follow your leads. May you rest in peace, Guido”

Sergio Dong

"Guido was so enthusiastic, competent and a good friend of China. He will deeply missed. "

Rita Fatiguso

"Ciao Guido, knowing you was a pleasure, and I appreciated our exchanges of ideas on various topics of common interest. Your sharp mind was taken too soon from us. May you rest in peace."


“Guido was my mentor, a friend, and a father-figure when I needed it, for example when I wasn’t able to return home, to Italy, for long periods of time. He believed in me and in my potential to help grow the organisation he dedicated most of his professional life to, and this has always made me feel so proud. He taught me the importance of analytical rigour, but especially the importance of creating a trusted image of myself through building real skills and competences. Since I first started working with him in 2017, I have always been fascinated by his charismatic personality, and somehow I wanted to be like him. Guido contributed to shaping who I am today, and I owe him. I will miss you, Guido”.

Manfredi Lodato

"I was deeply saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Guido. He was a great professional and we worked together on several projects in which he always put his strong enthusiasm and valued knowledge. I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family for their loss."

Gianpaolo Bruno

"We are deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Guido Giacconi. He is an energetic advocator of low carbon economy and green development. We can still recall his impressive and insightful speech about how China and Europe could mutually benefit from a stronger cooperation in achieving carbon neutrality in a symposium last year.  We really appreciate his expertise and contributions to the EU-China dialogue and cooperation. Our deepest condolences to his family."

Shanghai Institute for European Studies

"I met Guido in Beijing while I was posted there at the Embassy of Italy, between 2014 and 2018. We often collaborated on projects aimed at promoting Italian business in China, especially in the energy and green economy sectors. He was a highly intelligent and charismatic individual, always eager to share his ideas and technical competence in order to advance Italy’s economic presence in China. Moreover, in his work with the EUCCC he showed what it means to be a true European, always seeking meaningful and concrete collaboration and dialogue with all his counterparts from other EU MS as well as the Chinese authorities. Most importantly, he was a good friend, someone you would always enjoy spending an evening with, sharing a nice meal, drinking  a good glass of wine and having an interesting conversation. He will be deeply missed!"

Giovanni Brignone

'We are deeply saddened by the news of Guido Giacconi's passing. Guido was a close friend of ECECP and supported us right from the beginning. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time."

 Flora Kan, EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform