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2020-01-28 | All chapters

Coronavirus Updates and Urgent Request for Medical Supplies


Holiday Extended

The General office of the State Council announced today that the lunar New Year holiday will be extended to [at least] Sunday, Feb 2nd as a measure to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak. As such the Chamber will remain closed during this time. Additional measures are being taken locally including but not limited to the postponement of school and university start dates for the spring semester (now with national effect but with varying local dates confirmed and unconfirmed).

Support from the European Chamber

The European Chamber has written to the National Health Commission and the National Medical Products Administration to express our support. We have also in contact with authorities in all of its Chapters (in Nanjing, Shanghai, South China, Southwest China, Shenyang and Tianjin). Business Managers from the relevant medical and pharma related working groups have also facilitated support too where possible.

The European Chamber understands that most of our member companies have their own measures in place and are already in contact with the government if they are in a position to help with products, services or financial aid.

Request for Medical Supplies

There is a need for the following items that are in short in China supply, thus we ask if you are aware of suppliers outside of China who could help procuring. If your company could provide the following supplies and would be interested in exporting them, please contact Ms. Helei Fu at .

  • Medical rubber protective clothing
  • Medical protective mask (N95, GB19083-2010)
  • Surgical mask (YY0469-2011)
  • Medical safety glasses
  • Face shield for medical use
  • Disposable protective clothing for medical use

We have contacted other European Chambers around the globe with the same request.

Sources for information on coronavirus updates

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