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2019-09-09 | All chapters

On 9th September, European Chamber President Jörg Wuttke joined CGTN’s World Insight to discuss German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to China, together with Daniel Gros, director, Centre for European Policy Studies, and Liu Baocheng, dean, Centre for International Business Ethics, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing.

President Wuttke said that as Germany and China have both been hammered by the Trump administration, they need to find common grounds—for example opening up market access—to balance the loss in global business. President Wuttke said it’s high time for both countries to open up their markets, especially in the economic downturn. He also said he hoped tangible results from the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment will emerge by the end of 2020 and show business that, despite all the negative news coverage, some markets are prepared to open up even more.