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2024-01-12 | Shenyang

"TikTok Operation Sharing" Achieved Great Success

On January 12th, 2024, the "TikTok Operation Sharing", co-organized by European Chamber Shenyang Chapter and Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, and hosted by China Minsheng Bank Shenyang Branch, was successfully held in the 26th floor Private Banking Centre of the bank tower.

Mr. Leo Liu, the office manager from European Chamber Shenyang Chapter, and Mrs. Xiaolan Cheng, Vice President of China Minsheng Bank Shenyang Branch, also as the Vice President Company of LCC, delivered welcoming speeches. They warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the representatives of member companies from both Chambers and business partners for their presence. They also expressed expectations for strengthened future exchanges and collaboration between the two chambers, aiming to jointly promote the development of member companies and ultimately achieve mutual success.

Mr. Perry Sun from International Department of Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, who’s also the General Manager of Qihang Business Media, shared insights on the operation of TikTok. He provided a detailed introduction to the current market situation of TikTok e-commerce. Utilizing backend data and successful cases from TikTok operations, he explained the essential steps for short video marketing, which include selecting good products, creating quality content, practical filming, and placing emphasis on analyzing the importance of consumer preferences, category sales, the golden 3 seconds, product descriptions, and sales conversion for short video marketing.

Perry further elaborated on how to conduct consumer-side marketing based on TikTok's life services. He explained how to achieve collaborative operations between online platforms and offline stores through excellent content, quality products, and good services. By fully utilizing the traffic brought by TikTok's life services, our goal is to ultimately upgrade and enhance the operations of physical stores. He pointed out that marketing activities are crucial means for businesses to accelerate their operational transition. By employing strategies such as holiday marketing, IP marketing, hot topic marketing, and brand-driven events, operators can potentially achieve short-term explosive payoff and long-term accelerated profit.

Through this event, participants have gained a basic understanding of TikTok's e-commerce and lifestyle service operation modes. They have also developed a preliminary awareness of practical skills and the underlying logic behind TikTok operation. The feedback has been very positive, and the event has achieved good results.

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