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The BNIC aims to represent and defend the collective interests of all producers and traders of Cognac; in this context, it conducts protection mission, defense and promotion of the name throughout the...

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Beijing > Medical Equipment

3M China Limited

3M公司,全称Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing,即明尼苏达矿业及制造公司。1902年成立,总部现位于美国明尼苏达州首府圣保罗市,为世界著名的创新与多元化跨国企业,并且是道琼斯30种工业成分指数股票之一。素以勇于创新、产品繁多著称于世,在其百多年历史中开发了6万多种高品质产品。

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Menarini was founded in 1886. In 1915 its headquarters were established in Florence.The Menarini Group is present with its affiliates, distributors an dfranchises in more than 100 countries worldwide....

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Beijing > Insurance/Fund Management

Abacare Group Limited

Abacare is an international insurance brokerage company, specialized in medical, life, property and liability insurance. With over 20,000 clients worldwide, 6 offices in Asia Pacific, 20 years of experience...

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