Membership Types

Corporate & Individual Memberships

A Membership with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China is available to:

  • Foreign invested companies with or without legal representation in China.
  • Individuals who hold a European passport and who are studying in China or working for an organisation headquartered in China that is not eligible to join as a corporate member.

Please select from the membership types below for more information:

Foreign invested companies registered in China

From 6,700 RMB / year

European companies with no legal representation in China

6,700 RMB / year

European passport holders working for Chinese companies

6,700 RMB / year

Embassies & Consulates

As per 4.5.2 of the Articles of Association, the duly appointed ambassadors of European Union Member States in China are considered Honourary Members of the European Chamber.

Representatives from EU Member State Embassies and Consulates may receive member rate for public events organised by the European Chamber. For more information, please contact our membership team here.

Please note that only those who have paid membership fees to the European Chamber have the full rights to member benefits and services. Please click here for more information.