Meeting with Division Chief Liu of MOHURD's Centre of Science and Technology & Industrialization Development

2017-09-15 | Beijing

Meeting with Division Chief Liu of MOHURD's Centre of Science and Technology & Industrialization Development

In response to the European Chamber's request, Dr Liu, Chief of the Divison of Planning and Development, Center of Science and Technology & Industralization Development and Housing Industrialization (CSTC) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) had a meeting with member representatives of Chamber's Construction Working Group led by Construction Working Group National Chair Mr Javier Lopez.

To start with, Dr Liu expressed her warm welcome to the Chamber's delegation, followed by brief introduction on the 16th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipment of Building Industrialization (Expo) to be held from 12th October to 14thOctober, 2017. As she stated, this year's Exposition is organised by CSTC, China Real Estate Association and Architectural Culture Centre and supported by the MOHURD, mainly introducing the latest technology and products for residential buildings, displaying energy-saving and environmental friendly technology in construction sector, and improving housing quality and promoting sustainable development of the housing industry. 

Dr Liu further pointed out that to facilitate this Expo, CSTC will organise 25 side events and forums during this period together with other associations and industry leaders, covering all the heated topics of housing and construction industries, including but not limited to prefabricated buildings, energy-saving technology in housing industry, grading of residential buildings, transformation and upgrade of real estate industry in China, passive houses, green buildings and China furture home.

Mr Javier Lopez introduced the Chamber's Construction Working Group along with the proposal of co-organising meetings or seminars with CSTC. Dr Liu seconded to this idea and further proposed that the seminar could take place next year by involving industrial experts and scholars from both European Union and China, focusing on management model in construction and housing sector.

Dr Liu also would like to invite member representatives from Chamber's Construction Working Group and European Wood Desk to address and share insights at the aforementioned side meetings. 

This meeting concluded with Mr Javier Lopez presenting the Chamber's 2017 European Business in China: Business Confidence Survey to Dr Liu and the wish of continuing such communication between the Chamber and the CSTC through various meetings and seminars.