TÜSIAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association)


Founded in 1971, TÜSIAD is the leading non-governmental voluntary business association of Turkey. TÜSIAD is composed of individual members, who are owners and managers of individual firms, groups of companies and holding companies operating in the Turkish manufacturing and service sectors. The number of companies represented by these members is approximately 1300. For regional and sectoral cooperation, TÜSIAD works together with the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED), which was established by sectoral and regional federations, with 8000 business people in total.

The companies represented by TÜSIAD's membership occupy prominent positions in the Turkish economy. According to TÜSIAD's 2005 membership profile, total sales volume of the companies, groups and holding companies surveyed was USD 109.2 billion. This sales volume amounted to USD 48.1 billion of value added. These companies employed more than 450,000 people. Thus, TÜSIAD produces 39% of Turkey's value added, in industry, finance and construction sectors. The volume of exports and imports generated by TÜSIAD members is respectively USD 28.1 billion, which is 38.4% of Turkish exports and USD 32.6 billion, which is 27.9% of Turkish imports in goods and services. TÜSIAD members represent most major sectors of the Turkish economy including food & beverages, energy and the chemicals, petrol, coal, rubber and plastics sector.

TÜSIAD is committed to the universal principles of democracy and human rights and aims to establish the legal and institutional framework of a market economy and to ensure the application of internationally accepted business ethics.

TÜSIAD believes in and works towards integration into the international economic system. By working to increase the competitiveness of Turkish manufacturing and service firms, it strives to secure for Turkey a well-defined and permanent place in the international economic arena. By encouraging more efficient use of human and natural resources through employment of the latest technology, it strives to enhance competitiveness by permanently increasing quality and productivity. TUSIAD, in accordance with its mission and in the context of its activities, initiates public debate by communicating its position on a variety of issues. It conducts professional research projects the findings of which are submitted directly to the Parliament, the Government, the media, international organizations, and other states.

TÜSIAD is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE* (Confederation of European Business), BIAC (Business and Industry Advisory Committee of the OECD), UMCE (Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprise) and UBCCE (Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation of Enterprises).

Committed to Turkey's membership to the European Union, TÜSIAD has a representation in Brussels, which contributes to the strengthening of Turkey-EU relationship since 1996, in Ankara since 2000 and two offices in Berlin and Paris since early 2003. In addition to its intensive activities on Turkey's membership to the EU, TÜSIAD has had a representation in Washington D.C. since 1998 in order to improve the relations with the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and to establish relations between the Turkish and American business communities, with the academicians, international institutions, the US Congress and Government.

TÜSIAD opened its Beijing Desk Office within the European Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) in September 2007. Its aim is to follow the economic and political developments in the Asia-Pacific region with specific focus on China, informing Chinese business about the Turkish business environment and conducting business development activities for the Turkish business with the Chinese counterparts particularly on exports, investments and partnerships.

For more information, please visit TÜSIAD website www.tusiad.org or contact TÜSIAD Chamber Coordinator, Ms. Iraz Turhan, tusiad@euccc.com.cn or tusiad@tusiad.org .

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