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2008-05-07 | Beijing

Beijing, 7th May, 2008. The China Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) SME Helpdesk in Beijing was launched today. It supports European small and medium sized enterprises in the protection and the enforcement of their Intellectual Property Rights in relation to China business. It will provide free information, first line advice, and training for European SMEs to support their IPR decision making.

The Helpdesk was launched in response to the need of European SMEs for jargon-free practical help on IP issues.  It will also offer support to those European SMEs already encountering issues of IPR enforcement in China by providing practical on-the-ground orientation.

The European Commission firmly believes that European SMEs bring creativity and innovation to the marketplace and are a cornerstone of European competitiveness. This value needs to be protected legally and practically. The Helpdesk will provide a common-sense step-by-step guide to IPR, taking very much a hands-on business perspective. The China IPR SME Helpdesk will support EU SMEs to gain better IPR protection particularly in relation to China business.

The Helpdesk is a practical business tool for European SMEs to grow their IPR value and manage risks. It will also enhance dialogue and cooperation with China given the strong links that will be forged with Chinese IPR protection and enforcement bodies, including the government’s national network of IPR complaints centres.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the European Union economy and are a major driver for innovation and prosperity, representing 99% of all enterprises in the EU and employing 65 million people.

The Helpdesk is funded by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission and complements existing EU-China joint initiatives on IPR, in particular the EU-China Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights - "IPR2", which targets the reliability, efficiency and accessibility of the IP protection system, aiming at establishing a sustainable environment for effective IPR enforcement in China.

The Helpdesk is implemented by consortium partners Development Solutions and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and is located at Beijing Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Beijing.

For more information about the China IPR Helpdesk, please visit the China IPR SME Helpdesk website at

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