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2019-10-09 | Beijing

Sustainable Trade Task Force Held Workshop on How to Manage Supply Chain Risks

On 19th September, the Sustainable Trade Task Force under Beijing CSR Forum organised a workshop on how to manage supply chain risks. During the event, Austin Zhang, the Manager of PwC Risk Assurance, delivered comprehensive presentation about managing supply chain compliance by digital tools with some specific case studies which made audience have better understanding of digitalisation in supply chains as well as CSR tasks. An interactive activity on testing audiences’ background knowledge on digital world took place after the presentation. The second speaker Wenhua Wang, the Director of Sustainability Consumption Promotion Department of China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) gave the insightful introduction of status of retail industry in China and the upcoming Standard of Green Procurement for Retail Enterprises drafted by CCFA.

Audience also shared their take away after the workshop. They found the two presentations very helpful: the advanced digital tools Austin Zhang provided can be good examples to improve their own tools which have been used in companies; and the Standard of Green Procurement for Retail Enterprises mentioned by Director Wang is a new and interesting topic and they would like to follow up. “In terms of technology and innovation, how to balance transparency versus privacy would be the important topic for supply chain actors who are monitoring their performance with lots of business data involved; CCFA’s sustainability initiative also sets a good model of how Chinese companies may take proactive monitoring of social performance,” Joyce Chau, Chairperson of the STTF added in her closing remarks of the session.

To help members to experience the actual use of digitalisation in supply chain, a factory visit to Jingdong (JD) logistic centre “Asia No.1” in Daxing was arranged with nine STTF members attended in the afternoon. Members found it impressive about the efficiency and convenience digitalisation has brought into the delivery industry.

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