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2013-08-21 | Beijing

Carbon Market Working Group Meeting

The meeting opened with an introduction of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) by Mr. Long Yingbin, Chief of Division of General Affairs, Bureau of Foreign Affairs. The SASAC is the largest stakeholder of Chinese SOEs (state owned enterprises) and is responsible for standard setting and regulation drafting in regard to industrial policies.

They hope to learn from advanced EU experiences in how to develop systems of energy management and a robust carbon market. According to Mr. Long, the SASAC is currently cooperating with DG Energy of the European Commission in transferring high-end EU knowledge of energy management to China.

With regards to the carbon market, Mr. Long is looking forward to a more systematic approach in China. He also made the point that the ties between the SASAC and foreign companies are very important, not only because the Chinese side can learn a great deal but also because the European side can contribute to the standard-setting stage - which would then create great potential business opportunities.

During the meeting, the discussion also touched on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues for SOE’s. Mr. Long pointed out that a problem facing Chinese SOE’s in regards of CSR is that no general corporate strategy exists. Mr. Long is very much looking forward to seeing more cooperation and knowledge transfer from the EU to China.

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