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2008-12-23 | Nanjing

Since the north line of Nanjing Express Inner Ring-the Gupinggang Cloverleaf junction and New Model Road Tunnel opened to traffic, a direct way from XuanWu Lake tunnel to West City Street has come into being. It also means that it takes less than half an hour to go around Nanjing by car by the Completed Express Inner Ring.

The pattern of road net in Nanjing suffers from an "inherent shortage" because of blocking of XuanWu Lake, Purple Mountain and Qingliang Mountain. In order to form an express open ring system, Nanjing has built up Wei 7 Road (including Saihong Bridge and Shuangqiao Gate Cloverleaf junction), East City Street (including Jiuhua Mountain Tunnel), XuanWu Lake Tunnel since 1996 when the West City Street was finished. This year, with the completion of expanding Xinzhuang Cloverleaf junction, north line of Inner Ring and Gupinggang Cloverleaf junction, the Express Inner Ring has finally completed. It takes 12 years with over 10 billion Yuan investment because it has to cut and open the Qingliang Mountain, dig through the Jiuhua Mountain and go down though the XuanWu Lake twice.

In the road net structure of Nanjing, the Express Inner Ring is the first ring; the City Ring Road is the second ring; the Rounding Highway is the third ring. The city inner ring connects the second and third ring through 8 radiating express way, bridging Xianlin, Jiangbei and Jiangning. It takes only 20 minutes or so from any point within the city to the inner ring and from the inner ring to the new town.