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Project and Project Management Training and Practice

  • 2020-04-10 | 09:00 - 16:00
  • Online

This webinar will emphasize on the need to prioritize mental health during this epidemic. Learning from mental health experts as they have first-hand experience navigating these trying times in China, giving best-practice advice, and sharing resources.

  • 2020-04-10 | 16:00 - 17:25
  • Online - Zoom Platform

Project Management 项目管理

  • 2020-04-10 | 09:00 - 16:30
  • Online - Zoom Platform (webinar link will be shared prior to the event)

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Shenyang Chapter, is thrilled to invite you to participate in the Dialog Forum with Shenyang Business Environment Construction Bureau. We can raise our questions and give our suggestions on the issues or regulations that hinder the development of enterprises. 中国欧盟商会荣幸地邀请您参加对话沈阳市营商环境建设局活动。欢迎您提出问题,给出建议!

  • 2020-04-10 | 14:00 - 16:30
  • Business Environment Construction Bureau沈阳市营商环境建设局
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Some companies were reopened their physical office in China in the past couple of weeks meanwhile still counting to support colleagues working remotely. In a fast moving and sensitive period like this, employee engagement is critical.

  • 2020-04-14 | 15:00 - 17:00
  • Online - Zoom Platform

China has been the most important driver for the global automotive industry for decades and has entered an entirely new phase of development so-called ‘2.0 era’ by 2019. While a host of challenges and opportunities faced by automakers in the new era are yet to be identified, the coronavirus outbreak has put the industry under intense pressure in the meanwhile damage global auto supply chains.

  • 2020-04-15 | 14:00 - 15:30
  • Online

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China is thrilled to invite you to participate in the Webinar on Education: Deal with Psychological Fatigue, Prepare for School Opening & Make a Practical and Efficient Online Learning Plan supported by the International Club of Shenyang on April 16th 19:30-20:45 in English. 中国欧盟商会沈阳分会荣幸地邀请您参与于2020年4月16日19:30-20:45举办的在线论坛:应对线上教学心理疲惫期,做出实用且高效的远程学习计划&做好开学准备. 语言:英文。本次活动得到了沈阳国际俱乐部的支持。

  • 2020-04-16 | 19:30 - 20:45
  • Online (webinar link will be shared prior to the event)


The 2019 annual individual income tax filing has been carried out nationwide since late March. Many taxpayers will be facing the first annual individual tax filing after the Tax Reform. Who needs to submit an annual tax return for year 2019? How to calculate the potential tax due or refund? How to handle the reconciliation tax filing? What responsibilities do companies and taxpayers have with respect to the filing? The European Chamber is delighted to invite tax professionals from Deloitte to help answer these questions.

  • 2020-04-16 | 14:00 - 15:30
  • Online

COVID-19 is taking a toll on world sports. From the Tokyo Olympic Games and the F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai to the women's Xi'an Open and the NBA season, the list of sporting events to be postponed or cancelled over Coronavirus fears keeps growing. This online meeting discusses the impact of the outbreak on the sports industry in China.

  • 2020-04-16 | 15:30 - 17:05
  • Zoom