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Data analysis skills are a must for every professional in the future. Tableau is a revolutionary tool for business data analysis. It allows users to visualize and analyze data with a simple drag and drop, dramatically increasing the speed at which people can gain insight from data.

数据分析技能是未来每一个职场人士必须掌握的技能。Tableau 则是商业数据分析领域中革命性的工具,用户只需简单地拖拽,即可实现数据可视化分析,大幅提升了人们从数据中获得洞察的速度。

  • 2023-02-07 | 20:00 - 21:00
  • Online Webinar

What modern enterprises need is active "action power", rather than passive obedience "executive power".But this kind of topic has long been taught as a mindset class, offering a bowl of chicken soup.
This course introduces the only thinking model of "POA action" that focuses on improving team action in China.Students learn concrete and actionable tools and ways of thinking.
This course addresses the three major obstacles of lack of action in work (don't want to do it, can't do it, don't do it) and proposes an original solution: the three axes of action. POA thinking can not only improve action quickly, but also be used as a common and efficient working language to comprehensively improve the efficiency of daily communication, cooperation and problem solving.

本课程则引入国内唯一专注于提升团队行动力的“POA 行动力”思维模型。学员学到的是具体可操作的工具和思维方式。
本课程针对工作中行动力缺失的三大障碍(不想做、不会做、不去做),提出了原创的解决方案:行动力三板斧。POA 思维不仅能迅速提升行动力,还能作为一种共通且高效的工作语言,全面提升日常的沟通合作、解决问题的效率。

  • 2023-02-09 | 15:00 - 16:00
  • Online Webinar

In essence, no matter OKR, GRAD or KPI, which is known by most people, are just tools of performance management. Tools themselves are not good or bad, but only useful. In addition, no matter which tool, a series of supporting mechanisms need to be established around the tool in order to really play its role. Therefore, if the tool can be used correctly and some appropriate adjustments are made to the corresponding mechanism, performance empowerment can be achieved on the basis of the traditional performance management system.

从本质上来说不管是 OKR、GRAD,还是被大多数人熟知的 KPI 一样都只是绩效管理的工具,工具本身没有好坏,只有会不会用;另外,不管是哪个工具,想要真正能发挥效果还需要围绕工具建立一系列的配套难机制,所以,如果能正确运用工具,并对相应的机制做一些适当的调整是完全可以在传统绩效管理体系的基础上实现绩效赋能的。

  • 2023-02-10 | 15:00 - 16:30
  • Online Webinar

Gallup research shows that more than 50% of employees in an organization are not engaged, and 20% are not engaged at all!
In the United States alone, the annual cost of employee disengagement is $500 billion!
According to the 2012 Gallup Employee Engagement survey, only 6 percent of Chinese employees are engaged, ranking low in the world.
So how do you motivate your employees and make them self-motivated to produce better results?
The key to success is to fully understand how to use most outstanding talents and strengths in daily life and work.

盖洛普研究表明:组织中超过 50%的员工并不是敬业员工,20%的员工完全不敬业!
仅在美国,每年因为员工不敬业而造成的损失高达 5000 亿美元!
2012 年盖洛普员工敬业度调查表明,中国敬业的员工仅占 6%,排名全球靠后!

  • 2023-02-14 | 15:00 - 16:00
  • Online Webinar

"Amazon Reverse Working Method" is one of the innovation methodology and the most important success secrets of Amazon. From Kindle to Prime, smart speaker Alexa, AWS, Amazon features virtual press release and PRFAQ reverse working method from customers, giving birth to a large number of innovative projects to meet customer needs, which creates countless second curves on Amazon's path to becoming the world's most valuable company.

《亚马逊逆向工作法》是亚马逊的创新方法论和最重要的成功秘诀之一,从Kindle 到Prime、智能音箱 Alexa、AWS 等,亚马逊特色的从客户出发的虚拟新闻稿与常见问题(PRFAQ)逆向工作法,诞生了大量满足客户需求的创新项目,造就了亚马逊成为全球最高市值公司的无数个第二曲线。

  • 2023-02-15 | 15:00 - 16:30
  • Online Webinar