Insurance Working Group Position Paper 2020/2021 - 保险业工作组建议书2020/2021 Go back »

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The Insurance Working Group is the voice of Europe’s insurance industry in China. It represents leading European insurers, brokers and other service providers engaged in life, non-life, reinsurance and specialty insurance. Insurance is a form of safety in an unpredictable world – it shields families, individuals and businesses alike from all kinds of risks that may arise from our modern and complex society. Insurance is therefore a force for freedom, as it enables companies and households to spend their resources without having to worry about unforeseen events. Insurance is also a formidable engine of local and regional economic growth because it enables trade, innovation and risk protection. The insurance industry plays a vital role in improving the livelihoods and wellbeing of all people, which is a key focus of the Chinese leadership.

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