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The European Chamber’s Research and Development Working Group provides a platform for exchanging information, experiences and best practices among member companies and to promote dialogue and transparency in R&D policy in China. It was created to further develop the activities of the former Research and Development Forum, as members felt the need to engage directly with Chinese authorities at both the central and local levels. The working group is comprised of professionals directly involved in R&D operations, with representatives from more than 50 European multinational corporations (MNCs) that have R&D centres and large-scale R&D operations in China, with the majority located in and around Beijing and Shanghai. Various industries are represented in the working group, including automotive, chemicals and petrochemicals, information and communications technology, aerospace, energy and pharmaceuticals. The activities of the working group are aimed at helping China strengthen its global science and technology (S&T) cooperation and engage the international R&D community, in order for China to reach its goal of becoming a world S&T power by 2049, leaping from 'made in China' to 'created in China'.

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