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Logistics is an integral and vital part of global commercial activity, as it facilitates the distribution of products and services across the world according to customer demand. Today, logistics is no longer limited to just purchasing, storing or selling. In addition, a new trend has arisen in modern logistics with the emergence of e-commerce. Utilising online logistics, customers’ needs can be met at a lower cost, changing the core target of the industry. Responsible for transporting goods from supplier to receiver safely and efficiently, the logistics industry also plays a positive role in China’s economic development. The country’s ongoing efforts to develop its high-end manufacturing sector and increase consumption are set to further increase demand for safe, efficient and affordable logistics services.

The Logistics Working Group was founded in 2003 and represents a diverse spectrum of logistics service providers in freight forwarding, including sea, air, land, express delivery, warehousing and distribution. At present, more than 200 member companies participate in the working group. As such, it is one of the largest working groups within the European Chamber, reflecting the important role that transport and logistics play in society and international trade.

The working group provides a platform for companies to discuss and share best practices, experiences and recommendations, and to exchange views on the regulatory framework of the logistics industry. It also maintains a constructive dialogue between relevant governments and industry stakeholders to discuss and provide comments on regulations and standards.

The Logistics Working Group is also composed of the International Liner Shipping Sub-working Group, with core members from leading international maritime transport enterprises. Through regular dialogue with Chinese and European government officials, the International Liner Shipping Sub-working Group is dedicated to working towards a more effective and competitive maritime transport environment in China.

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