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There is only one earth and it has a finite amount of resources. The negative environmental impacts that result from human activities have, in the past 100 years, threatened the global ecosystem. Thus, environmental protection should be the highest social responsibility for any organisation.

Ecological and environmental protection, particularly the prevention and control of pollution, is now a top priority in China, not only for the government, but for industries and the general public as well. At the 19th Party Congress, China's leadership emphasised the necessity of developing an ecological civilisation. China has clearly stated its intention to continue promoting green development, address prominent environmental problems and reform the environmental regulatory system.

For European companies, complying with environmental protection laws and regulations is an uncompromising commitment. European companies in China are driven by a desire to contribute to economic development. They bring advanced manufacturing technologies with them and help to cultivate a highly competent workforce. All of these things are done with a sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness.Established in 2006, the Environment Working Group currently consists of more than 150 member companies involved in engineering, manufacturing, construction, consultancy and certification services. Members come from a variety of industry sectors, such as waste, water, smart grid, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, biochemistry and logistics. Environmental technology service providers, environmental consultants and lawyers are also active members of the working group.

The working group serves as a channel for government stakeholder engagement, particularly with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), along with local bureaus. The working group also provides regular feedback on environmental regulations, standards and technologies in China. Additionally, the working group provides a platform for companies to share best practices, experiences, solutions and recommendations on how to best protect the environment.

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