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At the 19th Party Congress, President Xi Jinping declared three areas the government should focus on in upcoming years. One of the outlined areas was that government authorities must ensure that the financial sector can effectively support the real economy to reducemajor risks, such as soaring corporate debt. President Xi emphasised that policies will be enacted to facilitate the transition of China’s economic development from a rapid growth to a high-quality and sustainable model. These goals are completely aligned with the core message of human-centred development specified in the 13th Five-year Plan (13FYP), with the aim being to provide a better natural environment and improve people’s living conditions.

The construction industry, by definition, has close ties with these topics, and all the different entities that comprise the Construction Working Group can substantially contribute to achieving the targets set out by the Chinese leadership. For many years, European real estate investors, land developers, architects, engineers, project managers, main contractors, suppliers and other professional consultants have taken an integrated approach to combining their expertise with other stakeholders in a way that provides tangible improvements to both the quality and efficiency of the construction sector.

Designing is the starting point of construction. From a micro-scale perspective, such as the design of a single tool, to a macro-scale perspective of designing homes, workspaces and eventually entire urban areas, designers carry a huge responsibility due to the influence they can have over both individual lives and entire communities.

The quality and safety of construction lies in the implementation of each project. It requires diligent and detail-orientated work from the architects and engineers employed by construction enterprises. In the past two years, unfortunate incidents were witnessed in various cities due to a lack of high-quality management models and construction materials. European construction enterprises, with their decades of experience in implementing and managing high-quality construction and engineering projects, can make major contributions to the enhancement of China’s economy as indicated in the Government Work Report.

Other stakeholders in the construction industry make direct and joint contributions to the market by taking a holistic approach that balances humans’ well-being while protecting the environment. European professional know-how, experience and state-of-the-art technologies/products owned by European construction service providers (CSPs) can help to preserve the natural environment and improve livingconditions by providing high-end residential compounds and affordable housing in both urban and rural areas. Meanwhile, European investors, who operate daily in a mature financial market, can be suitable partners to assist with the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese real estate market. 

The Construction Working Group was first established in 2003, to represent European CSPs operating in China. As part of the European Chamber’s working group reorganisation in March 2016, the European Heating Industry Desk became a sub-working group of the Construction Working Group.

The main objective of the Construction Working Group is to engage in dialogue with key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development (MOHURD), the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), European Union (EU) institutions and construction-related organisations andassociations. This cooperation provides feedback on and support for Chinese construction policies, with a current focus on sustainable urban development and the promotion of investment in high-quality, energy-efficient buildings.

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