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A year and a half ago, President Xi Jinping took the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos and asserted that China would step up to take a leading role in the global economic system and further open up to international business.

While the pace of reform has accelerated, compared to the demands of the rapidly developing Chinese economy, China’s reforms are, in absolute terms, still insufficient and incomplete.

In the report 18 Months Since Davos: How China’s Vision Became a Reform Imperative, the European Chamber seeks to answer a number of questions raised about the post Davos agenda and how it impacts European business operating in China.

How can China’s drive for a strong R&D environment be reconciled with existing issues over intellectual property and unfair technology transfers? Is the lifting of equity caps meaningful in a business environment that is laden with administrative burdens? And how valuable is openness in sectors already dominated by SOEs?

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