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The European Business in China – Position Paper (Position Paper) is the European Chamber’s primary annual publication. The 16th edition of the Position Paper offers Chinese policy-makers nearly 900 recommendations that draw directly from the knowledge and expertise of the European Chamber’s more than 1,600 member companies.

This year’s Position Paper includes:

l  A review of the 13th Five-year Plan: a thorough analysis of the importance of the plan to European business’ position in the Chinese market.

l  A ‘dusting off’ of the Third Plenum’s Decision’s reforms and evaluation of how their implementation—or the lack thereof—has continued to affect the Chinese business environment during the last 12 months.

l  A review of the lack of reciprocity in bilateral investment relations. While Chinese investment in Europe has continued to grow rapidly, European business continues to face a wide range of restrictions on how it can contribute to the next stage of China’s economic development.

The concerns of the European Chamber’s 25 workings groups about their respective sector’s operating environment.

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