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This is the first time that the European Chamber has released the Southwest China Position Paper as a standalone publication. It compiles the latest assessments and concerns of European businesses operating in Southwest China with the aim of offering constructive recommendations to policy-makers in Chengdu, Chongqing and Sichuan Province. The Chamber hopes that this white paper will help to facilitate increased government dialogue and improve operating conditions for foreign companies invested in Southwest China, enabling them to invest further and help the region to develop sustainably and achieve its policy goals.

Insights for Chengdu include:

1. Improve Chengdu’s Air-quality to Enhance Living Conditions for all of its Citizens

2. Address Limitations and Deficiencies in the Regulatory Environment

3. Increase the Efficiency of Trade Facilitation

4. Improve Existing Healthcare Services and Increase the Number of International Hospitals in Chengdu

5. Create the Conditions for Attracting Foreign Talent

6. Allow International Companies to Participate in the Bidding Process for All Government Contracts

7. Increase Internet Speed and Access to Foreign Websites

Insights for Chongqing include:

1. Increase the Level of Communication Between the Chongqing Government and the Foreign Business Community

2. Strive to Make Chongqing a More Competitive Destination for Foreign Investment by Creating a More International and Open City

3. Improve the Existing Education System and Expand Educational Offerings in Chongqing