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The name of the Chengdu Chapter of the European Chamber was changed to the Southwest Chapter, following the opening of its Chongqing office in April 2012. The Southwest Chapter serves more than 100 member companies in manufacturing and service industries, and two-thirds of these companies are based in Chengdu.

Being one of the most important economic, communication and transportation centres in western China, Chengdu has attracted a record-high number of Fortune Global 500 enterprises (177 overseas and 56 domestic) over the last decade. More and more European companies see Chengdu as a top investment destination for its expanding consumer market, skilled talent pool and government incentives.

The Chengdu office of the European Chamber Southwest Chapter bridges the gap between local government and member companies, supports members with information on business and marketing conditions in Southwest China, and helps members expand business networks. The Southwest Chapter works closely with other Chapters of the Chamber to play an active role in supporting major events such as the 2013 Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu and the Lushan Earthquake relief.

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