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The Nanjing Chapter of the European Chamber was established in April 2004 and currently has about 130 members. Members consist of both large multinationals, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They represent a wide range of industries in the goods, mainly advanced manufacturing followed by the chemical and automotive industry and services sectors. Regularly-scheduled meetings offer members a platform to share information and experiences with industry experts.

With support from the local government, the Nanjing Chapter organises regular meetings with government departments at both the provincial and municipal levels. The goals of these meetings are to establish an on-going information exchange between government and industry to facilitate business operations for companies in Nanjing. The meetings also contribute to the further development of Nanjing as an investment location. The main focus of the dialogues was on issues related to human resources and logistics, as well as the investment and operational environment for SMEs.

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