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Reflecting China’s economic importance as the largest contributor to current global growth, the results of the European Business in China Confidence Survey 2012 show that China’s strategic importance for European companies has increased to unparalleled levels as European companies continue to see increased revenues and profits. This appears to coincide with a general maturation of China’s increasingly costly and competitive business environment, with indications that large numbers of companies are looking to increase efficiency and productivity in order to maintain profit growth even amidst high revenue forecasts.

Following years of stalled reform, the maturity of the regulatory environment still lags behind. As companies take measures to respond to apparent constrictions in the marketplace, there is a sense of growing frustration that the reforms of the 12th Five-Year Plan are not being carried out and that the regulatory environment will continue to discriminate against foreign companies. As many companies also perceive significant missed opportunities due to this, the Business Confidence Survey reveals that nearly a quarter of member companies are considering shifting investments away from China.

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