Shanghai Celebration Dinner 2023

2023-09-13 | Shanghai

Shanghai Celebration Dinner 2023

On 13th September 2023, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Shanghai Chapter hosted a dinner with close to 300 attendees to celebrate and strengthen European-China business relations in Shanghai.

The European Chamber had the pleasure to host our guests of honour the Vice Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Mr Hua Yuan and the Spanish Ambassador to China, H.E Rafael Dezcallar, representing the Presidency of the European Union Council of Europe, representatives from European consulates, member companies, and Chinese officials from Shanghai and the surrounding regions, including:

·  Mr Zhu Min, Director General of Shanghai Commission of Commerce

·  Ms Zhu Yi, Deputy Director General of Shanghai Commission of Commerce

· Mr Yu Chen, Deputy Director General of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration

· Mr Yang Xiaodong, Deputy Director, Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau

· Mr Huang Feng, President of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association

· Mr Fu Jihong, Vice President of Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

· Mr Wang Hongwei, Member of Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor of Xuhui District

· Ms Lu Zufang, Member of Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor of Jiading District.

Overall, officials from 37 government departments were in attendance.

The celebration commenced with addresses by the European Chamber leadership: Vice President Shanghai Chairman Carlo D’Andrea and President Jens Eskelund, followed by speeches by the Ambassador of Spain to China and Shanghai’s Vice Mayor.

On his first presidential visit to Shanghai, President Jens Eskelund spoke highly of the Shanghai Municipal Government’s efforts to increase business confidence since China’s re-opening at the end of last year, including appreciation for the four-year extension of the IIT following the announcement of the 24 opinions for attracting foreign investment. He also underlined the need to continue to improve market access and the investment environment, as well as ensuring that de-risking does not become a pretext for protectionism.

Prior to the dinner, the European Chamber President and a delegation of Advisory Council members met with the Vice Mayor to discuss how to work together improve Shanghai’s business environment. The European Chamber looks forward to continuing to strengthen industry-government dialogue with the city of Shanghai.