Meeting with the Development and Research Centre (DRC) of the State Council on Healthcare Industry

2023-05-10 | Beijing

Meeting with the Development and Research Centre (DRC) of the State Council on Healthcare Industry

On 10th May 2023,  Annie Yin, chair of the Healthcare Equipment Working Group, Xu Ping, chair of the Consumable and Disposable Medical Devices Desk, Liu Chang, vice chair of the Pharmaceutical Working Group, Sun Xiaowei, vice chair of the European Healthcare Trade Association Desk and Jessica Yuan, deputy head of Government Affairs at the European Chamber met with the  Development and Research Centre (DRC) of the State Council to share their understanding and knowledge of issues regarding the medical device and the pharmaceutical industry.

In relation to the medical device sector, issues discussed included: increasing the role of market forces in the procurement of medical devices (with more emphasis on device quality and clinical needs); as well as continuously promoting the development of regulatory science and accelerate the diffusion of innovations, the use of high quality and high precision medical devices in public hospitals, and the harmonisation of Chinese medical device standards with international standards. In the pharmaceutical industry, topics related to market access, payment and reimbursement of drugs; international harmonisation of drug administration, Intellectual property protection; and rare diseases were covered.

The DRC representatives listened carefully and asked follow-up questions to gain a better understanding of the issues discussed, taking notes for reference.

The Healthcare Equipment and Pharmaceutical working groups are working on their 2023 position papers, covering topics of interest to the DRC, including policy issues, evidence and analysis, and suggested changes, comments and feedback from relevant regulatory authorities. The DRC representatives indicated that they welcome either written or verbal sharing of such comments.

Ms Zhang Qi, director general of the DRC, asked how confident foreign companies are in relation to the investment environment in China after the 20th Congress and the Two Sessions. Ms Yuan informed Ms Zhang that the European Chamber’s European Business in China Business Confidence Survey would be launched shortly and that a copy would be provided to the DRC as soon as it is released.