Lunch Meeting with European Commissioner Vice-President Neelie Kroes

2010-05-13 | All chapters

Brief introduction to Chamber by European Chamber President.

The European Chamber President thanked Vice-President Kroes for her recent action on information security. The ICT Working Group Chair and members briefed the Commissioner on the following:

·         China’s Information Security Policies: Commercial Encryption Regulations, CCCi and their direct negative impact on market share.

·         Use of voluntary standards in mandatory type approval schemes for telecom handsets: an opaque mechanism which circumvents WTO TBT notification, creating trade barriers.

·         Triple convergence: a bold policy, but one which comprehensively discriminates against FIEs.

·         Increased regulatory efforts in the content area of telecom services/internet (games, music, location –based services)

·         Absence of reciprocity in access to government-funded research projects: FP7 open to Chinese companies while Chinese projects closed to European companies doing research in China


The Commissioner requested a note with the 5 bullet-points to take to Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang which she was meeting later in the day.

The Commissioner also requested a brief note containing suggestions regarding EU Innovation policy. All in all a very positive meeting.