2020 Foreign Experts Symposium Organised by MOST

2020-01-17 | Beijing

2020 Foreign Experts Symposium Organised by MOST

A delegate of the European Chamber was invited to participate in the annual Foreign Experts Symposium. The symposium, organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) serves as a forum for international experts to bring forward recommendations how to further boost science and technology in China.

On the symposium Premier Li Keqiang emphasized that China's developed has and is closely linked to the countries opening-up and international cooperation, especially in joint research and development. Additional measures will soon be promulgated to attract more international researchers to China.

International experts, include Nobel Price laureates Prof. Dan Shechtman (Chemistry, 2011) and Gerard Mureau (Physics, 2018) presented a wide range of recommendations how to improve the environment for further development of science and technology in China.

The European Chamber promoted its new project Euraxess, emphasizing that China-European joint research projects should both include research institutes and the industry.

More information: https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202001/18/WS5e223eb6a310128217271d38.html