Meeting with Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce Deputy Director-General ZENG Yan

2019-09-06 | Beijing

Meeting with Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce Deputy Director-General ZENG Yan


On 6th Sept., Ms. Yan ZENG, deputy director-general (DDG) of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, visited the European Chamber’s Beijing office and was received by Adam Dunnett, secretary-general (SG) of the European Chamber and Michelle ZHANG, government relations manager.

DDG Zeng explained that the purpose of this visit was to explore the possibility of hosting an investment promotion event with the European Chamber, inviting European enterprises to consider Tianjin. A vice mayor of Tianjin Municipality was likely to join the event. DDG Zeng mentioned that the geographical proximity between Tianjin and Beijing, the development of the Jing-Jin-Ji area, the efficiency of governmental services in Tianjin, and the past successful record of European investment in Tianjin all made Tianjin an ideal investment destination for European businesses.

SG Dunnett firstly welcomed the delegation from Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce. He said the best way to promote investment in Tianjin was to address local enterprises’ concerns, which already made investment there. SG Dunnett expressed his support for the Tianjin Chapter’s November event with the Tianjin Vice-Mayor. Then SG Dunnett proposed two ways the Chamber could help inform its members about the investment environment in Tianjin: to host an event with Government Affairs Forum of the European Chamber; if the vice mayor of Tianjin would come, and second for the European Chamber could host a more exclusive event with Advisory Council members.

The two sides then candidly discussed issues regarding EU-China relations, U.S-China trade war, and the business environment in Tianjin. At the end of the meeting, SG Dunnett presented the latest publication of the European Chamber: The Digital Hand: How China’s Corporate Social Credit System Conditions Market Actors to DDG Zeng.